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Domos here, and I thought I should try to make an introduction!

Been roleplaying for some years now, albeit mostly through chat or tabletop gaming. Never really found a group in FFXIV but I hope that'll change now.


Been playing since 1.0 and find myself running around and exploring and hunting down lore than doing any actual work on my levels.


Kinda shy but I hope to work around that.


Nice to meet you all!

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One of the things I've noticed that rp communities tend to forget, is that large scale server events absolutely do not reach out to the shy people who share our world. The intention is good, but it is not the appropriate venue for very important people in our community! Thankfully, the RPC has a really sweet RPC mentorship program you should check out. Also, once the game officially launches, I may (based on interest level) hold bi-weekly improv sessions geared specifically towards reaching out to the shy, new rpers, or even non-rpers. These events hold no pressure to get the rp right, b/c they are completely for fun, and for learning more about rp together.


Hope to se you in game!

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Welcome, welcome! Hope you like it here! Please don't be shy, and feel free to hang out and comment on stuff. We're always happy to help out someone new. Be sure to check out our mentoring thread, and our various guides and wikis. Please let us know if you have any questions~!

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Domos :o from FFXI with the Fallen Soldiers LS?


Edit: Ah! Nevermind. I think his name was Demos xD!! Anyway, welcome!


I was about to reply =p I did play FFXI but was known as Lioth there, and heck if I remember all the servers and LS I went through before I stopped playing.


All of you, thank you for your welcome. I'll try to stick around, and try to be a bit less shy, at least with posting!

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