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In Need of a Mascot? How about a Minion? ( Broke Lala seeking Connections! )

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Quick Bio


The only child of a middle-class Weaver, Tafu grew up happy and healthy. Her parents encouraged her studies of the arcane arts, even if they didn't understand them. They were preparing to send her to the thaumaturgists guild in Ul'dah.  


But, the Calamity.


Disease, rampant destruction, and other horrors took their toll on their little hamlet. Her family survived, but their work had dried up. Until finally, she and her family had to pack up and sell her childhood home. 


As they left for, hopefully, greener pastures, she looked back and promised that she would return someday. 


It would require a lot of gil. 





Got Gil? Tafu will travel! 

Tafu goes on an Adventure?

  • It's common for Tafu to be seen running around Thanalan frantically looking at her map, confused as to how she had gotten so far off course. But! She often takes on odd jobs for people, because a little gil is better than no gil! 


Tafu gets Lost?

  • Tafu has a terrible sense of direction. She’s ended up in the strangest places!


Tafu Becomes a Retainer? 

  • Retainers earn a steady wage— something Tafu is in sore need of. She’s on the list at the Vocate, but hasn’t had any takers yet . . . 
  • Tafu Becomes a Maid?

Please give me an excuse to blow $20 on that maid outfit.


Tafu’s Childhood Friends?

  •  Tafu would be ecstatic to see a friend from home! It’s been so long since she’s seen a friendly face in cutthroat Ul’dah. How are you? How have you been? How’s your mother? 


Tafu has a Hobby! 

  • Tafu's hobby is collecting Wind-Up toys. If your character is also interested in such a thing, they could get together and talk shop. But really, she'd be interested in talking to anyone who has one too! 


Tafu Learns Swordsmanship?


There came a point in her travels when her magick ran out. She was chased in a small crevice where she had to wait out the night, as a group of bandits searched for her. Afterwards, she swore to herself she would learn to defend herself with more than just magic. 


She just needed a patient teacher. If you'd like to RP any part of this ( such as the saving or helping Tafu with her swordmanship, I would be DELIGHTED )


I’m not married to these hooks. If you have any ideas or wanna brainstorm, let me know!



Quick about me / OOC


I’m Were-Ah! she-her/29. I’ve been para RPing since the early days of Neopets, back when eyes were not eyes, but orbs! 


Looking for 21+ RPers. Having said that! I’d like to get to know you and your character before we do anything PG-13+. I enjoy dark themes, smut, etc. but I didn’t create Tafu with those things in mind. Just ask and we’ll see where the night takes us~


I prefer para-- but won’t bite your head off if a sentence gets your point across. 


I’m a big believer in OOC communications between RPers. I can’t read minds, so telling me your wants and needs is a must!


I’m typically available in-game from around 10PM-2AM UTC-5/CST and if we  

Discord/Google/Email etc. I’m available through-out the day. 


RP Preferences Rated from Most to Least

Google Docs ( PM for deets ) 

  • This is how I’m mostly RPing ( and DnDing! ) these days.


Discord ( Were-Ah#3299 )


Email ( PM me for address )

  • Did you know Civilization multiplayer ( the game ) was originally via email?


In-Game ( Tafu Tafu / Leviathan )

  • I’ve never RP’d seriously in an MMO before, please be patient. 


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