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I'm Mei!! I write my WoL Vie Ra, Raina Blanc (Raina Freyhorn on Lamia, Primal)

  • I've played FFXIV since the end of ARR, as HW got released.
  • I've rp'd for almost 12 years now.
  • I love making new oc's and writing stories, and I adore my FFXIV oc so much.
  •  I heard abt this website thru reddit and thought its amazing!
  • I am a medium-heavy roleplayer!
  • I draw, a lot! and I play d&d 3x a week :D
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Hey! Welcome to the Coalition. I hope you have a great time! 


Ooh, you're a veteran, huh? And a DnD Player-- nice. 


I'm looking forward to seeing any art that you're willing to share! 


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