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Looking for RP connections.

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Hello! I'm currently looking for 1-2 people to RP with and develop my character and RP skills. I'm currently extremely new to FF14 and RP in general. So my FF lore and RP skills are lacking, but I'm hoping for some help with that! So anyone who can be patient with me and/or help me along the way would be greatly appreciated. I've been wanting to RP for years, but I've lacked the confidence to do so, and now I'm finally taking a shot at it.


A few extra things about me. I had a few friends a while back when Stormblood came out talk me into getting into the game. They quit in less than a month, and with no friends left, I too, left the game. I just recently picked it back up to see if I would be interested in playing again. So at the moment I can only do level 70 and below content. I don't want to purchase any more expansions at the moment as they are a big commitment and investment. I like the game, but I'm hoping the RP element will really hook me. I currently play on Crystal data center, and Goblin server, and I'm willing to travel to different servers for RP. I'm interested in both PvE content RP as well as just casual RP anywhere in the world. My work schedule is EXTREMELY flexible as I work from home. I have no set schedule, and I can RP anytime - literally.


My character:

  • Male Miqo'te
  • Age: 31
  • Name: Syja (pronounced CJ)


He literally lives his life a moment at a time. Very rarely does he have a plan. He does what he wants when he wants and enjoys that lifestyle very much. He's extremely lazy, but when something piques his interest he will get fully invested in it. He's addicted to Triple Triad and has made it his mission to beat as many people as possible. He's usually pretty realistic about his skills, but he's severely overconfident when it comes to his skills as a Red Mage. He loves laughing and telling jokes, and will laugh at every joke he makes, even if they are terrible. He has more backstory, but I think that would be better to find out in RP.


RP I'm interested in atm:

  • Friendship - This is my main goal.
  • Character development - secondary goal.
  • Romance - It would need to happen naturally and genuinely over time, no instant love at first sight. No ERP.
  • I'd prefer in-game RP, but willing to be flexible.
  • Casual/Slice of life
  • I'm open to any type of personalities.
  • 18+ only please.


Thank you for your time! If you are interested please feel free to message me. You can also message me on discord (Grubbin #2612).

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