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Well, I thought I'd try to escalate my forum participation beyond my current lurking status :P.  So hello, I'm Teardrop, a name I've carried with me since my pen & paper tabletop RPG days (Teardrop, along with her brother Grin, were wandering bards, the names stemming from the masks of Comedy and Tragedy they wore during their act...all the better to hide identities away from association with their nefarious nocturnal activities 8-)). 


As far as participating in MMO RP communities, I've played MMOs for a long time, but haven't role-played on a constant basis until fairly recently.  I played FFXI for a few years when it first came out, and quite enjoy the Final Fantasy world.  I did play FFXIV on release for a few months, but did not stick with it, alas :(.


I look forward to trying to gain some footing in what looks to be the strongly-established RP community you have here :).  I've been using the beta experience to find which of the character concepts I have rolling around my noggin finally develops some sentience and lets me know they are the one.  Coming close, to be sure!


I look forward to participating in RP, and I hope to meet you in game!

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