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Highlander mercenary - Looking for contacts and community

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Hello, I am a long-time role-player in several MMOs such as Warcraft, City of Heroes, and Star Wars Galaxies/Old Republic. 


I was hoping to get more in tune with the roleplaying community here and to make some friends and connections for my character.


A bit about the character:



My character's name is Olina Toratgeir. She is a Halone-worshipping adventurer based on characters like Conan the Barbarian, Beowulf, Elric of Melnibone, and Geralt of Rivia. She is a vagabond and wandering mercenary, going wherever there is money to be made while having her own agenda of seeking vengeance upon those that destroyed her home.


Olina is from a secluded village in Dravania, and thus she is not the most socially aware individual. She is a fighter first and foremost and has a love of battle, booze, and brothels much like any barbarian warrior. While she is primarily a martial character, she does have some magical skill. Her magical abilities are primarily through dark and storm-based aether, which stem from the magical artifact in her possession - a dragon's eye. The eye is what gives her the capability to fight as a Dragoon or a Dark Knight may, though she is not specifically trained in either profession. Primarily, her magic is used to empower her own strength, durability, and speed and is fueled by emotions such as rage, grief, or desire. It is a dangerous source of power, as indulging too much in those emotions without the willpower to control them would ultimately consume her.


Her quest is to gather money and power and to hone her skills so that she can claim revenge upon the sorcerers and corrupted dragon that destroyed her village.


More detail can be found on her carrd: https://olinatoratgeir.carrd.co/


What I'm looking for:

I'm looking primarily for connections and FCs who would be open to having a newcomer join them and hang out with them - ether for socializing or events. At this time, I am not necessarily looking to join an FC. Given that my friends in FF14 are quite a diaspora across multiple servers, I have decided for the time being that I would like to be more of a free agent until I find a home that is right for me.


That being said, I would like to find some roleplaying events that I can take part in. I do like club-hopping as much as the next person, but I am craving some community and to go a bit deeper.



As far as what I'm looking for, Olina is a mercenary. She can sensibly fit into almost any situation or group given that there is never a lack of need for muscle.  She would likely not accept offers from organizations or clients that would sully her own reputation (such as openly working with Garlemald or actively criminal organizations), given that she still has to pay the bills after that job is concluded. She is not above immoral actions, so long as there is sound reason and justification (and a good deal of coin) behind them.


Playtimes and server:

I'm in the EST timezone (GMT -5). I am generally free most evenings except for Tuesday and Sunday if I am not otherwise occupied by something.



Please message me in-game (Olina [email protected]) or through PMs on these forums.

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