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[Chaos] Looking for a RP partner to start with


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Hallo, first of all excuse me if this is not where the post should be, I've been navigating a bit and couldnt find a better spot due to the post being a bit weird (at least for me). 


Im looking for someone to make ours OC at the same time cause I thought it could be funnier, Im pretty new to this stuff so I'll be gladly if you're not that hardcore Roleplayer and if you're just take it easy on me :(


I was thinking on a villain thingy but am open to ideas, Im playing female Au Ra and I'd like a partner that play fem Miqo or Au Ra since I think it'd look more badass (stupid, right? ik), you're gaining points if you've a max leveled job for more options in our glams and sites where we can RP. 


I like the irony and being sarcastic so be careful on that cause my OC it'd problaby be the same moreless, keep that in mind if you do not like being a bit bullied (not toxic at all ofc, I hate toxicism in every way) and I dont mind being bullied as well,  the little spark.


And yea I believe thats all, I dont have any background for my OC yet, I'll take it in a casual way cause Im just seeing if RP is my cup of tea.


Im sorry again if this aint the best spot for my post q_q.


Drop ur disc or whatever down here if you're interested o/

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