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[Crystal/Balmung] Phae Falore


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・゜・゚✧・゜・゚Phae Falore・゜・゚✧・゜・゚

Ex-Cultist, Spa Owner, Hero-In-Training



Art by aniemswork


ʚ♡ɞ Character Sheet ʚ♡ɞ


Race: Hyur (Midlander)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft. 2 inches

Weight: 128 lb.

Orientation: No Preference

Main Class: Conjurer, Paladin (New)

Occupation: Spa Owner, Adventurer-in-Training

Homeland: Ishgard


ʚ♡ɞ Personality ʚ♡ɞ

Cheerful and growing to be adventurous, Phae bears an energetic and positive perspective on life when socializing. Phae enjoys the company of any who has a good story to share. Her earnest and polite demeanor lending well to first impressions she makes. though she is disposed to offering her aid and happy to give gifts, Phae is usually stubborn in her refusal to accept the same or to rely on other people.

Her primary motivation in life has a strong sense of wonder. The Midlander dreams of adventuring and travel despite tending to her own Spa business in the Mists. However, due to her own personal curse and doubts it keeps her grounded most days. Perhaps someone will come by to pry her away from the ground and to soar the lands.

On a personal level, Leila is very inquisitive of people. Her curiosity stems from the lack of exposure during her driven rebellious acts and her "tempered" days. She can be quite gullible and her lack of perspective on certain subjects may really shine upon her lack of experiences in life.


ʚ♡ɞ History ʚ♡ɞ


Fragment I.

You were a new one to the world
Living in simplicity
Thrown into catastrophe
Bountiful harvests forgotten
Your world became icebound
Warmth only from a father's hope

The steel men arrived at your door
Brimming with authority
Towering in superiority
"For war" their reasoning
They left you with mere crumbs
Only death would be your mercy

The days became true nightmares
A frozen body, an empty home
Vulnerable and all alone
Warmth only from one purpose
Blood-boiling revenge


Fragment II.

You stirred the souls of the broken
Natural charisma and wile
Yet only a juvenile
The Twelve merely imaginary
Ishgard viewed as corrupt
Your warmth desired to cleanse

To restore what once was for the lands. Be it the green or even just hope. You would bring back the Sun.

Your people demanded change
Revolution made of fire
A god created by ire
You led them down a path
Where freedom cost your freedom

The sun had blinded you
Your conscious pried
Your conscience died
The forged dragon promised
Yet screams were louder than whispers


Fragment III.

Constrained life was an eternity
A prisoner to your mind
An enemy to humankind
Yet with just a small "oink"
The fog was lifted and no more
You were reborn in the world

You were spared with a pardon
Punishment already befell
Your body weakened and ill
The fiery red locks now snow
Peace had come to Ishgard
Yet where did that leave you?

Acceptance to the pain
You carry it with a smile
Regret you will reconcile
The snow and sun waged war
Now you accept life with water
Yet your life is now limited

A second chance in exchange for borrowed time.




ʚ♡ɞ OOC ʚ♡ɞ


Hello there! Thank you for taking a look through my post it really does mean a lot to me. I was on a huge hiatus from FFXIV until only recently which means I wanted to have a fully new character to have contacts and fresh memories! I am hoping to find some people interested in helping me get back into the groove of RPing. 


Yes, the art you see in my profile and my carrd belong to me. Please do not use for your own characters or claim as Phae as your own. If you want to find out more about the artists feel free to ask!


I am always happy to chit chat with new people. I'd love to make new friends who enjoy going back with roleplaying with me.


Always down to do in-game events and casual FFXIV playing. 


Feel free to check out my carrd! It has more visuals, art, and extra info in the Profile section! 



Discord is Peachicake#8552 (I am most frequent to talk there)


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