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A general Pet question about Pets.

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Okay, during the last play-weekend, I came from Limsa Lominsa into Gridania. It is there that I spotted a "Pet Store" of sorts. I am not sure why there isn't one in Limsa Lominsa; maybe these particular pets hate the water? Makes sense: One seems mechanical and could rust in the salt-air, the other one is firery and probably hates ALL water and the last...well, I guess even Baby Chocobos need to learn to swim.


So, anyway, I spied people with these pets and the cost is about 2,500 gill or thereabouts. Now, I remember some commentary on a video showcasing the controller and how it would be used (Japanese-translated-to English subtitles) awhile back and in it they stated that these pet companions would help you fight enemies, even if in a limited fashion. They would eventually "grow" and help you fight better.


Is this true? Or are the pets merely cosmetic?


Also, I may have heard a comment at least on the baby Chocobo that once he grows, you can use him as your mount. Is that still the case or did my hearing pick up the sounds of a depraved chicken farmer next door?

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Kaoru's correct. Minions are purely for shits and giggles. xD


You can however have your chocobo fight by your side. I believe a quest is required.. plus you have to have gotten your chocobo (I think that's a Grand Company quest still in ARR). And summons will not be cosmetic, obviously.

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