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New to FFXIV RP, hello!

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Hi! My name's Dragon (she/her), a 21 year-old living in Michigan. I've got a bunch of hobbies, including writing, drawing, RPing, playing games, and singing. I also really like Danganronpa and Pokemon, for what that's worth. It's very nice to meet you all!


MMORPG Experience

Truth be told, FFXIV is the only MMO I've ever played. I've been playing it off and on for... a little over a year now, I think? I just finished the SHB MSQ and I'm hoping to get through the patch 5.1-5.5 content before Endwalker releases! I also recently moved my main character (Bremusa Moonbeam) over to the Crystal DC from the Aether DC.


General RP Experience

I've actually been consistently RPing in various spaces since I was 9. That's about 12 years now! I definitely think I'm a better writer now than I was when I was a kid. Most of my RP experience is with paragraph-based RP on forums and Discord. However, that means that when it comes to RP inside games, I'm basically a newbie. I'm hoping that I'll be able to find an idea of where to start RPing in FFXIV here, since it looks like a fun hobby!


Character Ideas

I ended up becoming super attached to my main WoL and came up with a whole backstory for her! I unfortunately didn't have enough foresight to give her a lore-adhering name when I first started playing, and I don't feel like dropping money to rename her. Here's a few key points about her:

  • An Auri Raen who originally hailed from an undersea city, but left to pursue adventure and make friends
  • During her journey around the globe, the ship she was traveling on ended up getting shipwrecked and she washed up on the shores of La Noscea with no memories
  • While she was resting and trying to recall anything about herself in Limsa Lominsa, she heard multiple singers performing around the city, and became interested in singing, herself
  • She also took up the sword (again) so that she could defend herself during her travels, both to see if she could find any information about who she was and learn new songs to sing
  • She's generally a friendly, curious sort of character, though a bit naive and gullible as well


Once again, it's super nice to meet you all! I'd really appreciate any guidance you guys can give me.

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