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[Light] Seeking RP partners to help develop my Raen Dancer!

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I'm Kouru, and I'm in my twenties.

I've decided to try my hand with FFXIV RP, since most of my other RP things... Died off.

I have a love for RP. My Raen is named Azalea! She lost her memory as of recent and is trying to figure out how the world here works. She's shy, and was named "Azalea" due to the flower symbolizing gentleness and everlasting beauty. She travels and dances to try her best to make everyone happy, but also search for traces of anyone that may know her. She loves to eat, paint, and spend her time doing creative activities. She's patient with people she doesn't know, and impatient with people she DOES know. It's due to knowing them and having expectations of them (so if they out of line, she's more likely to get irritated). She has no sense of direction, so most travelers will say that she asks for directions frequently.

I'm okay with romantic/rivalry/friendly RP!
I'm okay with fluff or angsty types of RP!
I'm honestly okay with just about anything as long as it's not overly sexual. Flirting with Az is fine, as sexual remarks as long as they don't go overboard (Hell, I RP'd Miu Iruma for years).
I'm also okay with both Discord RP or however else you wanna do it.

I'm NOT okay with ERP though! It just leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. If they do sexy sex, I'm okay with a fade to black, but... Y'know. I don't want it out of nowhere!

Here's a picture I have on me right now, I'll take more later.


If interested, message this thread or add me! It's Kouru#2930 on Discord.

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