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Looking for Rpers for light in-game RP.


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Wondering if there’s anyone on Primal > Lamia ( Server&World) who is interested in doing some in-game role-playing. Mind you I’m only level 21 atm so it would be great if your characters were around that level but if not I’m sure we can come up with something! I love rping in general, have been doing it for over 10 years, but this game is so immersive that it constantly makes me wonder how fun it could be to rp as a band of adventurers. I’m mostly looking for long term rp buddies, so please only express interest if you’re gonna be here for the long haul. If not that’s fine!


Another Note: This rp will be essentially ignoring the main story, it's not to retcon anything but instead to allow the RP to be accessible to everyone no matter where in the MSQ you are as well as to free us of any issues regarding any one particular character being more "important" than another. I'd also like to reiterate that this is light character based in-game RP (this is subject to change depending on how deep we get into it) which means that it will mainly focus on our characters, who they are as people, how to interact with the each other and the world around them. The group can do in-game activities together, to use a plot devices for the role-play, or just spend time sending in character posts back and forth.


If you are interested please inbox me here or comment below.


Note for Administration: I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place to post this sort of thing, if that's the case just let me know and I'll repost if necessary.



Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!

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Yo I'd definitely be interested. I'm by no means new or anywhere near level 21 (Ffxiv is addicting and keeps bringing me back year after year lol) But I've Rpd in FFxiv before and I'd love to hop in for some light Rp. I've also been Rping in general and in multiple games for over 10 years. So just let me know and hit me up here or in Game if you're still up for some Rp.

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