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Lalafell Autumn Festival 2021


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Lalafell Autumn Festival 2021


< Image by Hazel Sky, Treasure of Allag >


Festival Details


Event Location: Balmung - Ul’dah, The Gold Court

Event Date and Time: November 5, 2021 - 6pm to 12am (Midnight) Central Time (GMT -6)

Event Type: Intercrossing between IC and OOC; an immersion between roleplay and non-roleplay

Attendance: All races including goblins are invited, except trolls...

Theme: Masquerade


Festival Description


As the colors of the tree leaves begin to change from their bright luscious shades of greens, to the lovely, warm shades of the Autumn season, Lalafells from all around gather together once more to celebrate the fruitions of another year. This time around, the celebration has been given a flare of mysteriousness and speculation as the future for the current state of the world is wrapped around in darkness and uncertainty. However, even though it is unknown about what is to come, what can be confirmed and solidified is the resolve of the citizens of Eorzea…

By the honor of Her Grace, Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo of Ul’dah, the Crystal Alliance, the Global Lalafell Association and the Society of Powerful Underestimated Dwarves is pleased to present the Lalafell Autumn Festival!



Festival Schedule


6:00pm Opening Ceremonies

6:15pm - Emote Theatre

7:30pm - Fashion Show

9:00pm - Literary Slam

10:30pm - Cosplay Contest


Festival Events


Emote Theatre || “Lost In Emote-ting” - Do you fancy yourself well-versed in the Auto-Translation Feature? But what if texting wasn't available and you can only communicate with emotes? That is what happens at the Emote Theatre. Impress us with your ingenuity to communicate without the use of words and see if you can navigate through the miscommunication, misinterpretation and mistranslations…

Participants will be paired in twos or threes depending on the number of people that have registered and take turns interacting with each, but they can only use Emotes and Job Actions to communicate with each other. HOWEVER, the twist is that they're actions will also be dubbed. Watch as the story unfolds after just a simply motioned greeting of wanting to say “Hello!”


Emote Theatre Event Registration Form >>> https://forms.gle/irCzvh9P7cfsCyMw9


Fashion Show || “The Masked Fashionista” - Fashion is more than just a statement or personal expression. Fashion is a wearable art form manifested beauty. And with beautiness, it can potentially become one’s most powerful asset, but the beauty and power is also a story. And it is that story behind the fashion that makes it beautiful, powerful and WONDROUS! Come dazzle us with your beautiful outfits, captivate us with your powerful story and allure us into wanting to be part of your wondrous life…


Participants will be asked to prepare three separate outfits and tell us a story from beginning, middle to end. Each segment of the story will be broken into three separate paragraphs and can be as long as the in-game dialog box allows, HOWEVER… please remember that you are only allowed THREE dialog entries total. Please also note that because this is a masquerade themed event, all outfits must include a face covering of some kind - SUNGLASSES ARE NOT A FACE COVERING... You shall be critiqued based on the three outfits, their relation to each other and the overall story.

Fashion Show Event Registration Form >>> https://forms.gle/JQryTPB4CjNcGxYH6


Literary Jam || “An Ending Is Just A Beginning Of A New Chapter” - Is it poetry or is it a story? Whatever it may be, it is still literary! But with any literary work, there is always a possibility for a sequel. Although the story might end with "And they lived happily ever after…", one might wonder what happens in the happy lives of these story characters. Can you come up with a piece of literature that gives some foresight about the coming future and makes us beckon a question on wanting to know more about what happens next? Give us that "To Be Continued…" つづく! (Tsuzuku!)


Participants will present a piece of original literature be it a poem or a short story that is RELATED TO FINAL FANTASY XIV. It can be about your daily adventures/lives, player/server events, or about anything that happens within the game. Your literary work can be as long as you want, HOWEVER, a limit of three dialog text entries are allowed. The deciding winners of this event will be the number of people from the audience who wish to know more of what happens next in that piece of literature.

Literary Jam Event Registration Form >>> https://forms.gle/1mCkT8spam8spamp8


Cosplay Contest || “Duty Roulettes By Daylight, Hardcore Raiding By Moonlight, Limit Breaking At The Right Time, They Are The Warriors Of Light” - Many of you might be familiar with the story of the Warriors of Light from Final Fantasy. For those who are not, here is a passage from that book (game)…


“The world lies shrouded in darkness. The winds die… The seas rage… The earth decays… But the people believe in a prophecy, patiently waiting for its fulfillment. 'When darkness veils the world, four Warriors of Light shall come.' After a long journey four young warriors did at last appear… and in the hand each was holding a crystal…”


- Intro to the original Final Fantasy


However, what about such warriors and heroes from other stories beyond our world? Across the countless stars and endless dimensions that the Omega superweapon has traveled, it would not be hard to believe that the stories we know of as mere fantasy or fairytale could possibly be real places in the grand infinite cosmos. Can you even possibly imagine the Warriors of Light glamouring as one of these otherworldly heroes just for fun? Show us your creative transformations and give us an imagination to remember…


Participants will present two cosplay costumes: The first being a Warrior of Light outfit and the second being a cosplay costume of any character of your choice. Also, because this is a "Cosplay Contest", technically, your character would be "in disguise" which means that A MASK OR FACE COVERING IS NOT REQUIRED - SUNGLASSES ARE ALLOWED!!! You may come up with a short paragraph or say anything you want during the time you're on stage during your transformation from one outfit to the other similar to what happens in the "Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! - Transformations (HD)" YouTube video linked below...


Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! - Transformations (HD)


Cosplay Contest Event Registration Form >>> https://forms.gle/oGsS4qmPpTqmBHQ97


Festival Staffing & Structure


The Heavenly Triad of Spiritual Tranquility


Spirit of Order (Festival Director) ::  Raltz Waltz

Spirit of Balance (Festival Financier) :: Thiji Higuri

Spirit of Harmony (Festival Chancellor) :: Aurora Delacroix


The Sovereigns of the Four Essences of Life a.k.a. Dragon Emperors & Phoenix Empresses of the Eight Elements/Energies of the Universe (Festival Tycoons)


Sapphire Emperor & Aquamarine Empress - The Rulers of Remembrance [Water & Ice] (Tycoons of the Cosplay Contest) - Thiji Higuri & Natsuki Mori


Ruby Emperor & Garnet Empress - The Rulers of Passion [Fire & Aether (Life/Soul)] (Tycoons of the Poetry Slam) - 


Emerald Emperor & Amethyst Empress - The Rulers of Tenacity [Wind & Lightning] (Tycoons of the Emote Theatre) - 


Topaz Emperor & Citrine Empress - The Rulers of Magnitude [Earth & Metal (Gold/Platinum)] (Tycoons the Fashion Show) - 


The Blessings of Heaven a.k.a. The Forces of Yin and Yang (Festival Reception)


The Unicorn Prince - Protector of the Sun & Leader of the Celestial Guardians [Light] (Festival Hospitality/Security) - 


The Nine-tailed Fox Princess - Protector of the Moon & Safeguarder of the Twilight Repository [Darkness] (Festival Marketeer) - 


Guardians of the Celestial Realm (Festival Hospitality/Security)


The Muroid Scout - 

The Bovine General - 

The Panthera Champion - 

The Lepus Master - 

The Draconian Lord - 

The Serpent Raider - 

The Equus Warden - 

The Ovis Maiden - 

The Simian Chieftain - 

The Avian Captain - 

The Lupine Ranger - Khloe Chalahko

The Boar Commander - 


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