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Balance and Ruin

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Okaaaay so while this isn't necessarily Final Fantasy XIV or RP related. I don't care because I'm sharing anyway :D I'm sorta upset with myself because I didn't hear about it till like the very last minute and it turned out it was a huge project funded with kickstarter and everything.


So what is this? Well the wonderful people over at OC-Remix www.ocremix.org which to those that don't know is a site dedicated to preserving video game music as an art form and features a very sizable amount of very talented remixers. All songs are 100% free of cost to download.


The kickstarter was to fund the full album Balance and Ruin, featuring remixes of what most consider the best Final Fantasy game in the franchise. Final Fantasy VI. The album boasts 74 tracks developed by 74 artists and took well over a year to compose and create. It was made by the fans for the fans and is 100% free of costs to download.


Soooo any Final Fantasy Fan or especially any Final Fantasy VI that wants to give it a listen (really, no really, just give it a listen :D ) just point your pointer to here and enjoy!



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I'm usually not one for unofficial video game remixes (I've been desensitized by too many cookie-cutter dance remixes over the years, I think), but the tracks I've listened to from this one are very well-done. It gets my stamp of approval.

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OC Remix albums tend to be cream of the crop when it comes to fanmade remixes.  Some of these guys are seriously talented.  


I've got Balance and Ruin queued up to listen.  The only question is, am I ready.

Seat belts may or may not be required :D


I'll say now my biggest surprise was the remix of Maria and Draco done by Jake "Virt" Kaufman. I was so not expecting him to go that route with a remix and...just wow /eargasim


bLiNd as always comes through with those heavy bass dance tracks <33333


oh and Pure Funk Chocobo theme :D


.....and a Train Suplex meme reference. Had to happen...


Soooo much Jazz rhythm themed tracks made my day, I LOVE jazz.

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