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Xeala seeking long lost brother

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l W A N T E D l 

Who: Xaela. Male. Aged 20-24.

Last Seen: 10 years ago, Thavnair.

By: Older Sister (https://ffxivelliana.carrd.co/)


Details: Hi there! Looking for a paragraph style RP with anyone for whom this could be an interesting exploration. Though there is some backstory I have in mind for the early shared childhood and their familial bonds, the rest of this character will be entirely up to and owned by you (ie. personality, traits, goals, the events of their life after my character ran away leaving a grand mess behind). Focus will be on character and story development. slice-of-life interactions, so on. No ERP - but you're free to find other partners for this character too. 


Whether this is a side character, or a character you end up playing with others is completely up to you. Open to keeping this on discord with occasional in-game interaction. There is a lot open here and available for discussion. If this sounds interesting at all, please feel free to DM to discuss.



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