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Dragoon and Nidhogg's eye

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Just by going by the basic story (i haven't done a lot of lore diving in this area), it seems that it would depend on which one has the strongest aetherical influence. Estenien was a beast and shook off the influence of one eye, though it seems that it is due to his training in his profession. The WoL, on the other hand seems to have an influence of his/her own that keeps him/her from being tempered even without the blessing (Midgardsormr did kinda yoink that away at one point of time and we were just fine duking it out with other primals).


 I haven't finished Endwalker, but there maybe some lil bits in there from what ive seen so far that may confirm WoL's own influence as a seperate entity from Hydaelyn's blessing

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