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[Mateus] Autriox Oen Kastelain

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Basic Info

IG Character name: Autriox-oen Kastelain

Server: Crystal DC, Mateus

Availability: Happy to RP in-game or on Discord. Whichever works best

Discord: Autriox_FFXIV#9420

Country: Australia

Roleplay: Open to anything from combat to sit downs


Autriox is a fresh recruit of the empire and is currently based around Kugane. He's not seen too much in the way of action, but regularly lists off scenarios for anyone listening to respond to (although he's closer friends dont pay much attention to the 'what if's)

On his down time he will usually find himself in the Ul'dah areas, attempting to find and/or capture all kinds of wildlife for study and research. While he is careful to hide where he is from, he hardly hides, choosing to where bright red plate armour modified to move quickly if he is discovered. His higher ups have warned him a few times now after interactions with Brass Blades and Immortal Flames lead to him to make a quick exits, although this has never stop him from coming back for more







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