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Where to start before Arcanist

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In trying to work out my character I ran through a number of ideas I tried to make work. In the end, I had a brief flash of a concept I liked:


A Miqo'te lounges in the seat of a massive, magic-powered walker as it strides across an open plain. Napping contentedly in the aft region above the engine is a small blue rabbit-like creature that sparkles in the sun. Our hero shakes his mane of brown hair to settle out of his eyes, making it easier to read the tome that is propped in his lap. Scattered in the foot space of the war machine are various metal components and vials of carefully labeled substances. Organized chaos is clearly rules the steel ship sailing through the grassy sea.


Scratchy roars erupt from leathery throats as a trio of lizard men seek to drown the boat's occupants in their own blood. Our hero looks up, plays with an earring. He snaps his fingers and the arcane bunny leaps lightly and quickly to the ground, twin tails bristling. The creature bounds at the lizard men, blasting off of them each in turn like a living ball of rubber. Their momentum through the sea halts, attention confused between furry avatar and lazy magician.


Our languorous hero rises from his recline. Lightly clawed hands take quill to parchment, the book drinking ink like a drowning man. An intricate shape appears, then is gone. The lizards feel overwhelmed, suddenly, by sickness. Strength ebbs rapidly. The two-tailed familiar rejoins the fray, crushing one's chest. The corruption continues on, like the rot of death accelerated.


Fear creeps into the lizard men, and they frantically charge at their original target, hoping to board. Two more fast shapes. The aether drinks deeply the black liquid. The book's page remains pristine. The lizards each come ablaze. Rotting poison and cleansing fire eat at them in tandem. They never make it to the walker.


The occupants are lounging on their way before they finally succumb.



What I don't know is what to do during beta phase 4 when Arcanist apparently won't be in yet. One very good suggestion I got was to be studying for it, but it now leaves the question of where to start. I'm thinking he'd be kinda smart, kinda smug, a little rogueish in his interactions. Has an interest in learning about the cultures of the world and their magics and technology. I'm thinking he'll also work on blacksmithing and alchemy as natural extensions. Where to start before that though... I'm noooot sure.


I see him as being a mix of the two Miqo'te races, and spent a lot of time moving between the his parents' tribes and learning their ways - his father teaching him more physical things and his mother teaching him more spiritual things, and giving him lots of time to read on the journeys between the two. I think his background with lots of travel, and the mix of cultures and foci would lend to a pugilist upbringing mixing aether control and physical stamina. My other thought was thaumaturgist, but it doesn't feel quite right to me.


What do you all think?

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Game mechanics wise, I'd start by working up what is likely to be the two sub-classes for SUM and SCH, CNJ and THM. That way you'll be able to take Arcanist right to 30 and go SUM/SCH as soon as it's available. Arcanist Guild is in Limsa Lominsa, so I'd avoid doing those quests.


Character wise, I'd perhaps have him be studying magic, but with a focus on the particularly odd magic the Beastmen use. That's where the summoning ability seems to stem from, so perhaps have your character notice it in their travels and start trying to unravel the mysteries of it all. When it gets close to release, have him start making breakthroughs in his studies that lead to him being able to bring forth Carbuncle.


Unfortunately, I haven't seen any lore about just how one BECOMES an Arcanist, so... maybe someone else can help you with that part.

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All we know about Arcanists right now is that they use symbology based on arcane geometry to shape their personal Aether into spells -- so, like Thaumaturges, they evoke internal Aether as opposed to calling on external Aether. They can also use the same symbols to call forth the magical power in gemstones and, in doing so, create their Carbuncle familiar. Their arm is the tome and quill.


What we don't know is how one becomes an Arcanist initially. I would assume, based on their class lore, that they're a more "scholarly" pursuit of magic, with a focus on mathematics, sacred geometry, and the like. However, there's not really a lot to go on right now, other than in Limsa Lominsa at the Arcanist's guild, there seems to be an emphasis among the students on properly summoning their Carbuncle.


Currently, there's nothing available about how Summoners and Scholars relate to Arcanists and how their disciplines relate, other than they all seem to involve using other entities to do your bidding.

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I've been wondering this too, though with Xha'lis back story not having access to Arcanist immediately won't be a huge deal as he trained for a few years in spears after nearly hitting his archery teacher with an arrow despite the teacher being a few yards behind and to the side of him...don't ask he is that bad with a bow.

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My main character, Sera'leina, has the same problem.


I'm planning on rolling scholar eventually, and my back story to her was written before I read that arcanist won't be added until the actual launch.

(Still don't know if this is true. I haven't found anything official about it and I'm staying hopeful that it is released during phase 4 or at the very least early access)


But honestly, even if the arcanist class won't be in yet, I don't see it as too big of a problem. We're all RPers here. We let our imaginations guide us, so just get to work on your sub-classes Conjurer/Arcanist for Scholar or Thaumaturge/Arcanist for summoner. I'm sure everyone will be understanding about the situation.


Or, since you said you think he'd have more of a pugilist upbringing, start that. Really, he's your character. Just do what you want! :D

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The question is what about "What todo before" correct? Well from what i can see the class init self seems to represent people with knowledge, right? So perhaps the pre rp or the character before, Should be a "Scholar" not the job. But a person who perhaps studies the concept or other parts of magic, and is eventually told or found out or taught about this specific genre on magic if you wanna use that word. 


The class atleast is displayed with a book, yes? 


Seems like a legit way as is probably the direction i would've gone if i had planned on using it as my class/job inrp?


Hope you appreciate my opinion.



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