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Heyoo all :)


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Nice to meet you guys! I'm new here and that's why I quickly wanted to introduce myself!


My name is Anna, I'm 25 years old and from germany. But sadly I gotta say that I'm quite new to roleplay, but I will get used to it eventually!


I'm happy that I found this nice RP community because I can learn a lot from the experienced roleplayers here.


I hope we will see each other ingame! :moogle:

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I'm going to parrot what has been said here but we all started off with no experience at one point in time and yet we are all still learning in a way. Xenedra already gave you the links which are most helpful I may add!


So now hopefully the sad part about being new RPER has gone let me just say Welcome to the RPC! please don't be afraid to ask questions and I do too hope to see you around in game!

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Welcome to the forum, I'm new aswell but I've been flying about the forums noising and creating my character wiki. Already get myself working hard. I hope you have fun here and should need help and advice be sure to ask; the people here are super friendly!

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