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Happy-Go-Lucky Suncat looking for friends [Light]


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Hello everyone!

I really don't know how to begin this, so let me dive right in :)


I just wanted to introduce F'majha to everyone here in hopes of making some connections since I don't really know anyone that is into RP ingame! Wait, let me just...




There we go. This is F'majha Tohka, at the time of writing the character which I play the most. Let me give some basic data:


Age: 22

Height: She says 1.75m. Don't believe her, she's smol.

Favourite Color: Orange

Gender: F


If you wanna talk to me at any point, my discord is: Hungwy#2849


She would really like to be like her older sister (my raid character which I'm gonna keep seperate from this for now) but despite having learned some bravery from defeating Cherub Ultima in the Orbonne Monastery, her clumsyness and happy-go-lucky attitude tend to stand in her way sometimes. Her favourite Hobby is studying people in the big cities. F'majha is not really a "people-person", but she tries her best learning about what's expected from her from others and making people around her happy. "Seeker of the sun" is pretty literal for her since she looks for sunshine in everyone - even in the 2m tall male Au'Ra staring her down at the bar because she stole his seat (by accident, she's sorry). If you're interested in more about her: She also loves making new friends :)


On a more serious note I should probably add a few things about myself and where I'm planning to go with this.


I am a 25 year old Non Binary Person (them/they), leaning towards female looking for some people to just have fun adventures with and getting into ingame RP. I am somewhat used to Roleplaying in general because I like to play DnD or Pathfinder in my free time, where I usually give my characters quite an extensive backstory and try to RP them to the best of my ability. However, I haven't tried Roleplaying in an MMORPG yet so I'd love to get into that.


My schedule is pretty flexible (one of the advantages of being a university student during the 'rona) so I'd love to hear suggestions!

I really like to keep my RP and my real life seperate and interact mostly IC with people which is also why I'm not much into voice chat or the likes during RP. I know this may be a turnoff for some, but it really helps me immerse myself and just have fun living the story while being able to not let things happening in RP affect me as a real person. 


As an added effect of this, I don't really have much of a hard border with most things, except questionable stuff like NSFW photoshoots with Lalafells (totally random example of course and not something that someone wanted me to do, that would be pretty stupid, right). Still, have some manners, please. I don't mind things that happen during RP but I am not explicitly looking for ERP or other NSFW stuff. I will say though that I'm a sucker for romance movies in real life. Probably the one stereotypically female characteristic I can not get rid of for the life of me. :D


Speaking of which, F'majha uses female pronouns but if you speak to me OOC I would very much appreciate if you'd use mine, though I understand switching between those can be quite annoying and I won't lash out at people getting that wrong. People who do that are pretty oof but don't let me get started about that :'D


Anyway, before I keep babbling random shit forever, let me close this by saying I'd love to meet some people to RP with and really get into the whole world of this and have some adventures or just hang around in the cities for what I love to call "everyday RP". I also don't have an FC as of now so if you after this introduction would love to have me in your roleplaying FC, I'd be very glad to join and give it a try! 


- Majha ❤️ 







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