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[Mateus] Himbo Keeper Catboi LF Long-term Adventure/Romance!

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Hello everyone! Kenoh'tan Desaali of Mateus here! You may have seen me prowling around of late, as I have recently returned to FFXIV to play Endwalker and have created a brand new RP character to do so: This guy!



Kenoh'tan, or Kenoh to anyone who doesn't want to get on his bad side, is an up-and-coming adventurer and trained Pugilist. Having left his home, a Tribal Keeper Miqo'te family in the Black Shroud, and inspired by the tales of his mother who was a famous hero prior to the Calamity, he has set out into the world in search of fortune and glory. Though he has only recently achieved any modicum of success, he is nothing if not determined, so he is always on the lookout for contacts and potential employers. That said, Kenoh is also something of a romantic and kind-hearted soul. What he may lack in scholarly intellect or general understanding of things, he more than makes up for with a charming and positive nature accompanied by a winning smile. As for his other assets? Well, look for yourself.


Now what am I looking for on Kenoh's behalf? Why, that's simple! I am the kind of person who prefers long-term, somewhat structured RP, and who does not really enjoy public RP very much. To that end, I try to find myself a handful of RP partners that I can reliably play with in the day-to-day, and one of my personal favorite types of RP is romance! Kenoh is a loveable goof who wants something more than his cultural duty as part of a female Keeper's harem, and would love to find someone out in the wide world who can put up with his nonsense. Bonus points if they will be an adventure companion!


I am available in-game as Kenoh'tan Desaali or you may contact me on Discord at Beytran70#9972 also here is his rather simple carrd which also has some OOC info on myself. Hope to hear from people!




Note* For romance purposes Kenoh generally prefers females or feminine types and is dominant.



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