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The Anomaly Arrives

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One year has passed since my arrival to this place - aye, confusing it was not recounting my own name or my life prior... but I couldn't forget that day. I promised myself that never again would I forget...


My eyes opened with great pain and my vision was blurred. I lay on a wooden dock. That was all I could be certain of. When I finally pulled myself to my knees, I noticed something odd. One of my eyes was blind and a still burning circle told me that I plummeted from... the sky? No, there was melted ice and water stains. I took a moment to look around at the bustling port taking note that no one seemed to notice me. Had I just appeared out of nowhere? I looked back to the spot of impact to find- there was nothing there.


Bizarre as this was I first went for the edge of the dock to look upon my face but my reflection was distorted by the undulating water, "Virgil!" A nostalgic remembrance tugged at my ear and I turned to face the call, "Virgil! Where have you been? The boss is getting antsy." A short creature for no other way to describe it ran up to me, it had the appearance of a child with a mustache, "What are you doing over here? You're late for work." Work? I looked at the thing hesitantly, my brow furrowed in inquiry. The little creature stared back with his own confused look, but an expectant one as if he knew me, then he laughed and pointed at my head, "Decide to get a new do?" "What?" The sound of my voice startled me, sounding as if it didn't belong to me, "Your hair! It's white, not exactly the color that I'd pick but to each his own." I put my hand through my hair and felt a chill, suddenly flashes of memories took me to my knees, "Woah there, maybe I should tell the boss you're not coming in today," the creature helped me to my legs as I mumbled to him, "Fish...I need to find someone named Fish..." the creature patted me on the back as he dragged me away from the dock, "Alright, buddy. Let's get you home first." My eyes fluttered shut and I drifted into a peaceful slumber.


(I hope I'm using this section right LOL)

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