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Questions About New Aether Lore? (6.0 Endwalker MSQ Discussion)

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Note I have not finished Endwalker yet, but I am getting close. This particular question I had is more about the general ramifications of something we learn about during the MSQ: Dynamis/Akasa/Emotional Aether.


For a long time it has been a source of confusion and a bit of a grey area for RPers when it comes to the actual mechanics of aether/magic use in regards to some fighting styles and the like. We know Jobs like Dark Knight have some manner of component of using negative emotions to fuel their powers, and others like Paladin feed on their own faith, determination, and desire to protect. 


My question is whether this relates to Dynamis/Akasa/Etc or not? Is it possible to harness regular aether and emotional aether at the same time? Can you still access normal aether using emotion, or do Jobs like these actually use emotional aether instead? From what I understand, that would make them weaker since it is generally a weaker type of aether? 



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They do expand on this at the end of the expansion, however dark knight is not limited to negative emotions.  They are based on intense emotion, dependent on the individual.  Without posting too many spoilers, aether can be affected by emotion and is a separate thing from dynamis.

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