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Re-igniting the flame of life [Backstory] (Open for OOC Discussion)

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(( One of the defining moments of Torvhan's life. Open to all comments, grammer or writting tips, or any lore corrections or advice. ))


((Listening to "Distant Worlds returning Home - Answers" as I wrote this.))


Torvhan walked in a daze through the desolate streets of Ul'dah. Gone were the bustle of people hawking their wares in the market and the peal of children's laughter as they ran through the streets. It seemed as if Ul'dah herself was morning her people's loss.


Word of the devastation at the plains of Cateneau spread quickly to the city. At first there had been wailing echoing off the walls and throughout the streets, but after a few days, the tears had dried up and all that was left was an empty shell of a once sparkling city.


Torvhan entered the Quicksand and looked around, the tables and chairs had been cleared from the center of the room. Sultansworn escorted children into the center of the room, and Miss Momodi could be seen flitting about the room going from child to child ensuring they were comfortable. Torvhan took a place standing against the wall with the other older children. He looked about and wondered, "He had been devastated when he learned of his parents death, but how had those younger children felt? who would take care of them now?"


His line of thought was interrupted as a door on the farside of the bar opened and a large midlander walk in. Torvhan started; he recognized the man as Raubahn, a legend in the coliseum and adviser to the Sultana. A few moments later a small sandy haired lalafell entered the room. Torvhan froze, the presence of the sultansworn and Raubahn could mean only one thing...but what could the Sultana want with a bunch of kids. The wealthy of Ul'dah rarely even spared the commonfolk a second glance, no matter the hardship they endured.


The petite ruler in all her regalia walked up to the steps leading down into the center of the Quicksand and sat on the floor facing the little ones. She spoke softly but clearly "Children, I know that we have all lost something dear to us on the plains of Carteneau. I know that nothing I say can take away the hurt and pain that this hole has left in our lives. But I do know that our loved ones fought to protect you, and everyone else in our great city. We must carry on and rebuild our lives, to show those that we lost that we still live. As it was honor and duty to protect you and our city, it is my honor and duty to protect and care for you in their stead. What I ask of you is to stand up and live. To support one another and gather together to push foward. To know that my sultansworn and I will always be there to lend an ear, a hand when you need it, that we are oath bound to protect you as they protect us."


As she finished she slowly stood up and brushed herself off. The Sultana moved gracefully through the throng of little ones offering a word here or answering a question there as the younger children slowly were filed out of the bar with sultansworn in tow.


She approached the back wall where the older children stood as Raubahn reached out and lifted her to his shoulder. She looked them in the eyes as she spoke. "I am afraid, I must ask more of you all. I am sure many of you realize the ugly truths that plague our great city. To survive in Ul'dah it all comes down to wealth, I do no have enough power to support all the little ones alone. so I ask that you lend me your power. I have spoken with my most trusted advisers and have arranged it so that you can seek out the training and apprenticeships to support yourselves and the little ones. Learn from them, the skills you need to live and move foward in our great city. Watch out for and protect one another and the little ones tn those dark places where my sultansworn and I are not. The little ones will rely on you but do not forget to ask for help when you require it."




Torvhan left the Quicksand struck by a powerful impression, he knew that the darkness of the syndicate blanketed the city like an eternal night. But amidst it all a small flame burned, one that had reached out to the little ones with it's warmth and light. He thought of his father and mother and the skill they had left him. He made his choice and swore an oath. As that flame protected Ul'dah and her people, so would he shield that flame from the darkness. Resolved and determined Torvhan, at the age of 15, strode unerringly down the familiar steps he had followed so many times before, with his father, to the the Coliseum.

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