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Shadowbringers - Canonical Jobs in the world of The First?

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Question I wanted to ask; what are the Jobs that are canonically available in the world of The First, during the events of Shadowbringers?  Like, what Jobs would someone canonically be able to learn if they were from that world?  From what I've found so far, I've seen Warrior, Paladin, Bard, White Mage, and Black Mage from the Warriors of Darkness in the MSQ.  I think The Jongelurs have Ninja and Red Mage as their jobs, and Ran'jit seems to be a Monk mixed with Summoner - although I have heard some say he's a prototype for the Reaper, of all things.  


So, that leaves Gunbreaker, Dark Knight, Blue Mage, Machinist, Dancer, Dragoon, Samurai, Scholar, Astrologian, and technically Reaper and Sage unaccounted for.  Can anyone confirm whether or not any of the above jobs would be available to someone on The First?  I'm still working my way through the MSQ myself, so if anyone can answer my question, I'd be grateful.  

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