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[Mateus] Saahs LF IC connections

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Below is information on me, the player. Character information and so forth will be added later on.

I. Basic Info

Name: Saahs

Details: 27, no gender any pronouns go

Primary characters: Griffin Whittle (hyur), Nourah Castomir (elezen)

Secondary characters: Felux Harbor (viera), Ren Kita (garlean(hyur))

Linkshells: n/a

Primary RP linkshell: n/a

II. RP Style

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Probably light-medium most of the time. I won't be on every day, and I will need breaks from the game and/or rping every now and then. There will likely be some rotation as which characters of mine are the Main, as well. Kind of like seasons. During these times I'm of course open to OOC conversation (unless I make clear otherwise). I am a forgetful creature though, I warn you now. Don't be nervous to reach out if you think I've forgotten something.


Views on RP combat and injuries: Come at me bruv. I'm fine with rolls, no rolls, pre-determined victory or flyin' by the seat of our pants. I'm not about to allow like, permadeath, but I've had characters lose limbs, get spiritually mangled, one guy even took a rocket to the knee. Of course it's polite to give a heads-up before just throwing punches unannounced, show me the courtesy and I'll do the same. I don't like characters bursting into a giant blades-out spells-flying fight in the middle of a public rp  venue. Time and place for that.


Views on IC romance: I am weak for romance, but I'd prefer not to write such a relationship without the characters having had time to interact and actually show if they have a good dynamic romantically. If I'm writing someone in a relationship I don't want it to be "Cool... Now what?" I want it to be "Cool... Now then... how shall their love fare in the face of... THIS LATEST PLOT IDEA???" The relationship should add to the risk and suspense, all that. It's not an endgame. But I do find romance interesting to write out, especially between characters with Problems. I don't shy away from writing dark themes and I do not shy away from writing unhealthy relationships. Actually I think I'd... prefer that they have issues. 'Cos then guess what? Then they gotta solve their issues... and that means more roleplay. 🎉 Erp I am not opposed to but it bores me to death as a regular occurrence. I need at least 75% of IC interactions to be... literally anything else. I don't do erp for the sole purpose of smut.


Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Essential. Even for characters in a relationship, they had to have gotten their through some other form of relationship first, and if one only writes romantic dynamics, how a character works in any other relation is left in the dust and never really develops. And every kind of relationship can reveal and build more onto your character's personality, their storyline-- people are affected most by other people. Friendship, family, mentorship, betrayal, confliction. I love all the flavours.


Views on lore: I like to bend it like the elbow. Dig my little claws into its nooks and crannies n' see what I can fit where. Completely breaking it will make my brain 404, but I love seeing how other people work their own made up lore into that which is already established, and make what's canon work for them another way other than taking it at cookie-cutter face value.


Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Not sure I understand this one. They're cool. They function to let you do chats. There's different kinds and it is neat. ¯\_(._.)_/¯ Do you mean like, my opinion of their use IC? ... Go for it? Linkpearls are an in-universe thing aren't they? So. S-so. Linkshells. Real? I'm lost.


Looking for: Rp buddies who like smaller groups/one-on-one rps and love even more to scheme. Griffin I'd actually like him to meet some people who are unfriendly towards him. Not only has he got a suspicious aura to him and commits petty crime on a daily basis, but he also looks exactly like a missing person. Someone could sniff out him and his troublemaking, or recognise him and know off the bat that's not the him they knew. I'd love for Nourah to one day mentor someone, maybe have some villain buddies, and somewhere down the line he needs to be thrown in jail. Break that ego a little bit. Not limited to just these, I'm open to all sorts of ideas and first IC meetings!

III. Other Info

Country: USA

Timezone: CST

Contact info: n/a

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