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Hello to you all!


I've finally gotten to making a profile (thought haven't really put details in it other than changing my language to Pirate. Yar.) I've been looking forward to this game and like everything else I do...I seek out the RPer so I can make whichever game as much fun as possible.


From my lurking I've figured out more than a lot of you are all on the Balmung server, or plan to be, so I figure I may as well join you all.


I might get around to editing this and adding all the boring details where I talk about my many years of Roleplaying experience and all that fun stuff...or not.


From what I've seen of the game so far it could be a lot of fun RPing a lowbie bunch of adventurers in classic fashion.


Myself, I plan on being an ex-Pirate...because I can. Once this Beta is overwith and our characters actually stick around.


If anyone is in the Beta and wants to kill things in character, that's always fun too.


Any active Groups/Linkshells/FreeCompanys looking for members?


I could have made a much better post, but I'm tired...


Fair Winds To All ~ :cactuar:

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Welcome in!


There's a linkshell section of the forum where you can browse and see what's recruiting... but I feel I have to give a lil push for Silver Anvil if you're into crafting (think they going Gilgamesh, though), Intermission if you're looking for a RP hub kinda linkshell, and there's a Pirate-themed linkshell in the making!


There's many other great ones out there, so take your time and take your pick.

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Main character will be a Highlander Hyur Male. Who lived and was trained by Pirates in the use of his Great Axe.


After having a change of heart, he realized more money and glory could be had helping people rather than raiding them...so he returns to Limsa Lominsa to begin his life as an Adventurer.


That's pretty much all I got for a start at the moment. Just a standard summary. Hopefully that's enough?



...As for this Pirate Linkshell, that sounds fun and I'll keep a lookout for it.

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Welcome aboard.  We're recruiting as well.  Our theme being the exploration of Eorzea for lost relics and information.  If your pirate has an interest in scouring the corners of the world, I think we might make a good fit.


Feel free to hop on over and check the site out.  Either way, welcome to the community.  Hope to catch you in-game soon!

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Haharr, Fancy us freebooters, do ye? 8-) While Lingua Pira be more fun in palaver than print, I aim t'get a fair deal of practice in. And thanks for the guides too. I think I may end up being one of those "RP Freelancers" you mentioned...cause ya know, Pirate an' all.


That Facets of Eorzea sounded interesting actually. Treasure Hunting is definitely something I could do.


If it pays :lol: *cackles and saunters off*

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