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[Primal/Hyperion] Looking for RP Connections!


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I. Basic Info


Name: Kaya/Starri

Characters: Hoshi Shimazaki aka "Starling"

Primary character: ^

Character Info: Hoshi


II. RP Style


Amount of RP: Light-Medium. I'm unfortunately pretty busy IRL and also pretty slow at writing. I do try to at least write decently chonky replies, though.


Views on RP combat and injuries: I love fighting but I'm not very good at writing it. I find doing rolls on it is fun for added surprises, but I'm also game to just go wild or decide a winner before hand. As for injuries, hell yea let's get it. What's the fun in fighting if you can't get hurt, anyway? Any amount of injury is fine so long as it isn't deadly and maybe give me a heads-up before you give my guy a good whacking.


Views on IC romance: A have a lot of very flirty characters, so romantic themes do happen a lot with me. However, I don't like it being the central goal of RPing and also prefer it happen naturally in the midst of doing other plot types. My preference in RP is always the dark stuff, so I like relationships have some element of Problems, being unhealthy or otherwise Not Quite Right as finding a solve for that (or getting out of it) is what I find fun.


That said, I do enjoy the fluffy stuff too, just not only that.


Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): In case it wasn't clear yet, I love dramatic plots lol. I like it all, really. Rivals/enemies are my favorite theme in particular, though. I tend to make characters within family myself, so I've never really RPed familial stuff with other people, but it's important to know where your character is coming from! All ties are important, no matter how small. For character development!


Views on lore: Lore-bending is fun and interesting as hell, in my opinion, and finding new things that could be possible is always exciting. It's fun for characters to stumble on things that are new and unusual too! So, as long as it's interesting and doesn't like go crazily against the laws of nature, then I'm all for it.


Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I don't know what this means. I haven't RPed in game.


III. Other Info


Country: Canada

Timezone: MST (note: I work overnights and my sleep schedule is whack as hell. I'm mostly available late nights to early mornings)

Contact info: [email protected] kayamishi#8325

Notes: I only Discord rp right now (I haven't tried IG RP and I'm still too shy too), this may change, though.

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