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Welcome to the RPC!

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Welcome to the Hydaelyn Roleplayers Coalition

Or the RPC as it affectionately known. This website is meant to be a hub for all RPers in the world of FFXIV, regardless of server. However, you will find a few servers of choice. Balmung, Gilgamesh, Mateus, and Omega. We work together to create an inclusive community that enables all roleplayers of all different types and skill levels to create fantastic stories and have a great time doing it. If you're interested in checking out what each server has to offer, here is a brief overview of the communities:



Balmung is our Legacy RP server. Balmung was the RP server chosen with the release of 1.0, and has been around since then. This means that there will be many players who played through 1.0 around just ready to welcome you into their already established Linkshells and Free Companies. That doesn't mean that you can't start something new there too! Fresh RP is always welcomed here as well, and with veteran players around you, you can be sure that you will always have resources and help when planning out stories and events.



Gilgamesh was formerly our non-Legacy RP server. It had a community of players who wanted to start fresh with all new stories in Hydaelyn. As more players transferred to the server for raiding content, many of the RPers transferred to Balmung. You'll likely find that there are many Gilgamesh RPers still around, but that the RP environment may not be as open as on other servers that are more used to RPers being around. Gilgamesh sections are kept in case that changes!



After the North American data center move in May 2017, Balmung and Gilgamesh were labelled as congested servers due to their large populations of players of all kinds. During this time, players on Mateus worked hard to direct new players and transfers to work with them on building a community on their server. Mateus has since overtaken Gilgamesh as the second most RPer-populated North American server.



Omega was the playerbase-chosen server to find and build a roleplaying community on an European data center server. For EU players, you'll find a budding community that would love to have you around! Many players have transferred or made new characters on Omega to enjoy both content and roleplay on a server that is active when they are too!


Other Servers

Although it may seem like the RPC is largely Balmung-oriented, we do support and welcome other servers out there! Do be sure to include tags and prefixes for your server to help keep it visible!


If you would like your site included on our list, drop us a line!


Regardless of which server you choose to make your home, we hope that you will also find a home here, at the RPC. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! We have a wealth of knowledge here that spans almost 8 years of research and gameplay, and we're happy to answer any inquiries you may have with a smile! Again, welcome to the RPC! Now, get out there and introduce yourself!

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