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I am the Saahs I draw the stuff [comms OPEN]

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This will be where I post character-relevant art (or any I'm particularly pleased with) as well as commissions. You can find information on commissioning me in the spoiler section below. All current and future artworks will be posted as they are finished.

Commission Info


I take payment by default via PayPal. Please do not send me payment yourself! I will send an invoice.
Contact me here or at Saahs#6336 on Discord!

Terms: Unless otherwise discussed I reserve the right to post commissions to my portfolio, art account(s), etc. Do not edit your commissioned piece without prior discussion with the artist (exceptions include adding text, stickers, and other such edits that do not directly alter the drawing itself). Credit to the artist must be provided (you may simply credit "Saahs", or Sihxeis on instagram).


Single character per piece. I will permit commissions with multiple characters in the shot on specific occasions for limited times. Now is not one of those times.

cuties sample1.png



Unlimited slots!

Base $10. May come with a coloured circle background or fully transparent background.



Armour/detailed accessories +$3 - $5

Hands+held object +$2






One commission of this style will be taken at a time.

Status : OPEN!

Vers full ref.pngghost boy ref.pnglook guys i actually drew a background.png



Flats $35

Rendered $45


Flats $20

Rendered $30


Flats $15

Rendered $25



Simple background +$5

Detailed background +$10

Complex clothes/armour +$5 - $10

Complex props +$5 per
















One piece will be worked on at a time with a total queue of three.

Kita bw headshot.pngNOATAK THE GLOVES.png

Slot 1 : OPEN

Slot 2 : OPEN

Slot 3 : OPEN


B+W headshot $50

Coloured headshot $65



Simple design background +$10

Scene background +$15



What Can Be Commissioned

  • FFXIV WoLs/OCs and non FFXIV OCs
  • Furries/anthro characters
  • Violence, gore, NSFW (+10% price) 
  • Mecha characters (+10% price)

What CANNOT Be Commissioned

  • Copyrighted characters
  • Multi-chara shots (outside of special commission offers)
  • Highly fetish focused NSFW art or art focusing on extreme and/or illegal content. I reserve the right to refuse a NSFW piece if it would cause me discomfort to create and will inform you if what you are asking of me cannot be done.


TERMS, PRICES, AND LIMITATIONS WILL BE UPDATED AS NEEDED. All updates will be recorded in a new spoiler section once need arises.



MOI YT icon trnspt.png

Ta-da. Current/recent art I've done will be uploaded in a second post in the near future. Please stand by while the goblins which make up my brain fight over what we'll be drawing today.


Update Log


1 / 28 / 2022 : formatting edit


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