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Newbie checking in, hi!

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Greetings everyone,


This will be my second weekend of FF XIV and I'm excited to get back into it.  I noticed the RPC thread in the beta forums and thought I would give this a shot.  I've never RPed in an MMORPG before, but I have a decent amount of experience with Dungeons and Dragons table top gaming. 


Edit:  My name is Scott, I'm 27 and I currently live in Florida with my beautiful wife and three cats.  I work in federal environmental cleanup / pollution response and I'm usually free most evenings to do whatever.  As I mentioned above, I like D&D (even moreso with beer :lol: ), I like having Seinfeld marathons with my wife, and I like to draw. 


My character is Elcas Duskwind, an Elezen level 14 Lancer, who enjoys dabbling in the crafts.  Not much history yet, but that will come in time. 


I guess now I go to the Linkshell section and look for people to hang out with?  I would certainly like to make some new friends, so if you're around Gridania, feel free to add me :moogle:


Edit: I know I'm supposed to get hooked up with an LS, but this is a bit much to take in at once and I don't want to commit to any one group just yet. If anyone would like to quest together however, I'm up for that. I would even roll a new character to be in your region, if that's convenient.

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Welcome aboard.  Linkpearls aren't like guilds anymore, that's what Free Companies are.  Linkpearls are chat channels and you can have eight, so you're not committing to anything by picking a few up.


Otherwise, ease in.  We're all here, ready and willing to chat, RP and most everything else... ^^

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