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[Discord/Hyperion] Male Viera looking to do Crimes and have Good Times

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Hey all! Just getting back into RPing recently, so looking for a few people who want to RP with my Viera! I RP mainly on discord due to my busy life but willing to try out in game as well some time. Timezone is MST but I work overnights so I’m mainly available late nights to early mornings.


Discord: kayamishi#8325


Looking for:

  • Long-Term RP partners for long/short-term plots
  • Open to all types of RP, but expect some dark themes
  • Business Associates, Partners, Informants and Clients
  • Friendships, enemies, rivals, etc
  • Pre-determined relationships (discussed OOC)
  • Someone to have This kind of relationship with him
  • Anything else y'all can think of really


A lot of info on his carrd, but some basic info below as well.

Note also that he does have an usual Echo power, but it’ll likely never come up in rp unless we discuss using it.




Referred to by the pseudonym “Starling”, Hoshi is the owner of large section of a criminal group, specializing in the buying and selling of information and services for (usually) illegal means. 


He is has a deceivingly happy-go-lucky attitude and lives by a strict "fun over everything" policy; which, unfortunately, sometimes extends past even his health and safety and also everyone else’s. He has no qualms setting aside all logic and reason for whatever ‘entertainment’ he may have in mind at the time, which could be anything ranging from having a tea party to starting a house fire. Boredom is the enemy and he'll defeat it in whatever way possible.


Despite this, he is usually surprisingly sociable and easy to get along with so long as he’s not bored. He deeply enjoys conversation and spending time with others and is quite affectionate to boot. Not to mention with deep pockets and even deeper connections, he has the ability to do or get nearly anything for those people whose company he likes. Of course, be aware of the dangers of the criminal world if you get too involved with him, but if that's no issue he is surely fun company to have. 🙂


List of some Hooks Here, but feel free to throw other ideas at me too! Pls reach out to me here or on Discord for questions and interest! Critique/Criticism is also welcome!(Sorry if I missed anything important it's 4am lol)


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