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[Mateus] Wandering artist & chronicler looking for chance encounters

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Hey all!


I'm a (somewhat) veteran RPer within the game and thought I'd try my luck starting from scratch again. Meet my boy Zephyr:


2022-02-26_20-44-20-176_OMGEorzea Gameplay.png


He's a work in progress, and I'd love to see if he jives with anyone. Here's a quick rundown of his basics and hooks so far:


  • Where can I find this guy: Zeph is a wanderer, so he can easily meet up with someone anywhere in the world. During his idle time, you'll most often find him in one of the big taverns.


  • What does he do: Zeph is a free spirit, pursuing his passion for art and looking to sate his curiosity of the history of the world. More practically, he is adept at wielding a greatsword--a necessity, as he is constantly broke and has to find work doing odd jobs.


  • What's he like: Most free spirits have reputations for being social butterflies and inspiring those around them with their whimsical charisma... Less so is the case for Zeph. While easygoing and more than willing to make friends and go on adventures, Zeph is much more of an introvert (and a bit of a marshmallow). He may attempt to talk to you if he sees you alone, but more often than not he'd welcome anyone else to initiate conversation with him.


You might call this a bit of a risky experiment since it's been difficult for me to pin down my online time lately (heh), but I'm eager to see where Zephyr goes in the RP scene. If anyone's interested in making friends with an introverted but otherwise friendly wandering artist, try to catch me online or feel free to shoot me a message and we can figure out how to meet up!

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