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I'm new to the game (second weekend of beta testing) and I'm willing to be part of the roleplaying community.


I've learnt of the Coalition through SE beta testing forum.


I don't have much experience in roleplaying. Never done, actually. But I'm willing to try my best and have fun. And that would probably be Light or Medium RP'ing, as I'm not sure if I'll do it fine.


I started at Odin with a Highlander Hyur as Marauder, Barth Stonefist. Then went to Gilgamesh, with a male Keeper of the Moon Migo'te named Yahri'a Wahkin, which wielded a lancer as main weapon. My idea of him was still being built up, mostly based on the lore of the race. Though after seeing most of you are in Balmung, I guess there's where I'm heading. And that means to make the character anew, or create another one. That won't be a real problem as both characters wouldn't be carried up to the next phase of beta anyway.




Also, some data about me:


Name's Denis Moura, brazilian (HUEHUE BR). I'm 21. Undergraduate Bachelor in Biological Sciences (currently researching on molecular biology)


MMORPG background includes years of Ragnarok Online (more than 6 years of original/private servers) plus years of Mabinogi (4 years or so - yeah, I had to use proxying software to bypass the IP blocking on NA server!). In both games I have vast experience and played important roles in the guilds I have participated (also as leader in one).


I'm hoping to have fun with y'all!

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