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Evaluation of character backstory and ideas

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Similar to many others here, I enjoy crafting characters with very specific personalities and backgrounds. That means they will only do the jobs that befit them. Now, I've this Raen Au Ra, who I've played through ARR with about 3 times, each time that I feel something being off leading me to recreate her.
 She hails from Sui no Sato and as a child she was pretty solitary, rarely exiting the house to seek the company of other children. Instead, she would spend the days observing her grandmother, an apothecary, concocting salves and brewing potions, all the while paying close attention to the details of the task and asking questions. Her grandmother, wishing to reward her genuine fascination in the craft and her natural inquisitiveness took her as her protege, to pass on her knowledge of alchemy and also gifted her with a collection of books, containing tales, traditions and sciences of the world above the waves.
 These books would captivate her imagination and nurture unto her a profound sense of wanderlust (a trait uncommon to her people). Most curious among these books was one dressed in wood and framed with petal, with colorful sumbols and inscriptions on its cover (Ash Picatrix). It would serve as her initiation in the ways of arcanima, however, without a teacher to properly guide her, she could only call forth a rather unusual looking Carbuncle (two tails/one forked tail instead of the usual three). Anyroad, she bursts from her bubble (quite literally), wishing to explore the world and expand her budding skills in the arcane and alchemical fields. She decides to travel to Eorzea, where there is a guild dedicated to the study of arcanima, as she had gathered by inquiring (or read?).

Now that the prologue is over:

 I've been thinking of adding a chapter in her story where she suffers from aetheric malaise/sickness, rendering her unable to properly channel her aether. Would training as a monk be a reasonable way for her to overcome that issue? And so, should I instead start in Ul'dah as a Pugilist instead of Limsa, then later branch out into Monk? The sole benefit to doing this would be the city state emblem in my profile, but I can't rightly imagine a novice arcanist, with little coin in her pockets choosing Ul'dah as her first destination. The Alchemist's guild being there would provide a strong reason for that beginning, but ultimately might be lacking in immersion. Besides, the arcanist's guild would serve to teach her in the ruby/topaz/emerald geometries necessary to reinforce her control over her magic and grant her the means to defend herself, should the need arise.

I'd appreciate all the opinions and tips you could offer.

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I don't want to post spoilers but a large portion of aetheric sickness is covered in the sage job quests.  I highly recommend looking into them as they finally give a concrete look at what aetheric sickness looks like in a character.

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