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[Primal/Exodus] Looking For a family (Long Term)

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On the Search for a family to roleplay with! Im a Veteran Roleplayer and willing to do inside FF and outside FF family roleplay (discord)

Name: Yrsa Astralsong (willing to change first and last)

Age: Unknown

Race: Au Ra (Xeala)

Birthplace: Garlemald

Physical features: White hair, Black Scales, 5,1 in height, Weight 119Lb's, White eyes with Cyan Hue's.


♦ Reading

♦ Cooking/Baking

♦ Music development/listening


♦ Imperial Army

♦ Hot weather

♦ Morbol Tea

Hobbies: Magitek Engineering, Astronomic's Study, Blacksmithing.

Any additional information just let me know ❤️

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