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Xth Legion Recruiting! [Mateus]


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Xth Legion.png


Garlean Xth Imperial Legion

Linkshell/Discord/Roleplay Group


Who we Are 

The Xth Imperial Legion is a military roleplaying group based around the formations and story of the Garlean Empire and the life of a Legionnaire. We are a mainly Discord focused group that conducts roleplaying campaigns in game using our crossworld linkshell, this means there is no need to leave any FC's your currently in!. We also hold events at EU timezone (10:00 GMT/ 05:00 EST) are expect a reasonable attendance from new members


Our members are mostly from Mateus, with players from other servers absolutely allowed to joined due to us not using an FC. with this though, we do expect all members to be a part of the discord as all planning and organisation takes place there, as well as announcements, the Linkshell is not mandatory to join but helps with events.



The Xth Imperial Legion can trace its origins back to the founding legions of the Republic, helping it to expand into the empire we have today. Within the newly formed Empire, the Xth was tasked with the exploration and conquering of Meracydia, with the legions nickname (Equestris) hailing from the centaur like race found within the lands, ones that they used to great effect as auxiliaries to bolster their forces within their initial incursions. The legion itself is rather accepting of other races, frequently hiring mercenaries to provide their strengths, with this view, they have become more accustomed to magic and has led to them having a higher trust in non Garlean races and an approach of befriending locals to earn their favours and supports, much to the chagrin of the other legions within Garlemald.



Note: We are currently rebuilding after our Hiatus over Christmas, meaning a multitude of roles are currently open, these include: Legionnaire, Medicus', Technicians, NCO's, Officers. 






Campaigns are held every Friday by the DM for that night, taking it in turns with those that wish to DM to create an enjoyable experience for all involved as well as introducing new ideas and flavour to certain scenarios. Campaigns themselves will be based around events that happen in lore which pertain to the Garlean Empire, allowing us to live through the trials and tribulations of what the ordinary soldier may go through. 


Campaigns are not the only activities we get upto, throughout the week events ranging from simple military patrols to more casual camp life may happen, with stories of their own, each designed to offer interesting interactions within the group and to build stronger bonds among characters and members in the community. We may also conduct OOC events to help the community come closer and bond together.



As a military based roleplaying group, we follow a dress code and rank heirarchy, with uniforms being mandatory to wear to official Xth Legion events.




















Note: Uniforms must be purchased by you, you will be unable to attend events unless you have the proper attire


if your interested in joining us, please visit the discord link below and apply through the "Applications" category. If you need help through any part of the process, please DM Valentina van Drusus on discord.


Discord: https://discord.gg/Ve4Zqm8QTJ

Carrd: https://xthimplegion.carrd.co/

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Hello there, the Discord invite is broken. You need to change it to "unlimited time" when creating it so you won't have to update it every three days.


The carrd also is, so I assume this failed to launch? :P would be useful to remove this thread then

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