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Hello! Everyone i run a FC on Crystal (Mateus specifically) called Bushido's Code and a lot of members of my FC wanted to try RP but didn't know how to start so decided to recruit some RPers to help everyone get situated into the life of RP. Would anyone be down to join and help out with the RP side of things in our FC?

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Hey Mystic. I'm sure there are people here who would be interested in doing that. Regardless, I highly suggest visiting one of the cafe or tavern events that happen across the Crystal DC. They're public RP events that make great environments for people of all levels of familiarity with RP. I also find that visiting Balmung and going to the Gold Court of Ul'dah during prime RP time is also a good way to see how people RP in the open world.


Ultimately, RP is just talking and acting how you believe your in-game character would (it usually helps to give them some kind of backstory--even a simple one, like saying they joined the Sekiseigumi and found their way to Bushido's Code after so-and-so event happened). Beyond that, "getting situated into the life of RP" and what you want to do RP-wise depends on you and  your FC mates--if you all want to just want to seek out other RPers at random, get together as an FC and gather at a tavern and talk war stories, or plan a DnD style campaign.


I'm sorry I can't join your FC myself, but I hope this is helpful.

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