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[Mateus] LF RP connections - world-weary doctor, more than a little displaced and off-kilter

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Hello there! I'm not new to FFXIV or RP, though have just gotten back into both somewhat recently after a bit of a break for life-related stuff. I'm interested in finding a variety of contacts for this character and am open to a variety of themes -- long term plots geared towards character development are loved, though shorter encounters are welcome too. My character's carrd is linked below, more detailed character info + contact info can be found there. 


Really basic rundown/hooks:

Malachi Rhora - former combat healer of too many years, now your resident unsociable physician. 

— Fresh Ul'dahn resident, though frequently travels both for work and to pursue other interests.

— Bespectacled miqo'te of a stern scholarly-type disposition; frequently cynical, wielding dry humor, chirurgeon's tools, or a revolver, with approximately equal efficacy--though not all three at once unless you are truly unlucky; always stressed and well-dressed.


  • Mal owns and operates a small medical clinic based out of Ul'dah, having set up shop in the area fairly recently, and dealing with all the associated growing pains of being a newcomer trying to establish independent work.
  • Though it's much less common knowledge, he also works as a sort of black market doctor who is on the periphery of a lot of criminal activity, though strives to be directly involved in very little.








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