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there was a 2014 ask about the sultan sworn set

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 still no full match, however I've noticed that the sword everyone was asking about looks a lot like the Brass bastard Sword, also the Templar's Sollerets is as close as I've seen to the feet, they can't be dyed and when dying the other's it dyes the metal and NOT the leather parts, kinda dumb imo, but the cobalt vambraces is still the closest for the hands and the level 16 cotton Tabard is still the closest chest , they don't have the small shoulder pads, but, meh, considering how hard it is to try to match this, I figure big deal, ALSO,  I don't do PvP, is there something on the wolves Den that can be bought from  a vendor there? like I said, this is an old thread, but I'm trying to get this put together for my female Roegadyn on Odin, Hellga Lighteyes,  IF i find better matches I'll post it here.



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forgot to add character's name/server
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