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Regarding Magic and Archery

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I have an interest in rolling an archer character, but want it to run along the vein of an archer that imbues their arrows with magic. I know the MSQ can have the WoL depicted as an archer, and there have been one or two archer characters that have been shown enacting feats of seemingly magical might. 


I don't care to approach that level of power for my character, but I would like a more modest take of it all. My issue is I'm not entirely sure how to justify it from a lore perspective. Can magic(like say thaumaturgy) be weaved into arrowheads? Is it a matter of just channeling aether itself?


If it can't be justified in real time combat, could prep be possible? Enchanting arrows, for example? Or something similar?


Or is there just no real means by which to justify it all? Ultimately, I'm leaning towards lore flexible since I imagine any answers will likely be of the "open to interpretation" nature, but any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated!

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