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Well, not really sure where to start, so I'll just start..


I've been with FFXIV since 1.0 Alpha, and even 1.0 beta and go live. However I was one of those disenfranchised souls that had lost faith in SE after the disaster that was FFXIV 1.0 I had been a devout FF fan, and I even spent 5 great, memory filled years in FFXI on the Shiva server from late 2003 forward. I grew up with FF including getting FFVII on the PSOne back when I was 15 and to watch the utter ignorance and complete lack of respect for the player base, well it broke my heart as lame and mushy as that sounds.


However, I do have good memories from 1.0 including my old Miqo'te character "Rainey Kitana" who ICly did not survive the calamity and OOCly was deleted because I wanted to start over as FFXIV had started over.


Anyway, I'm on Balmung looking to enjoy the fact that SE seems to have somehow saved FFXIV and made it many dozens of times better. If you see me around please feel free to start RP/Message me or whatever as I'm looking for LS's and Free Companies and friends.




S'lyhhia Jhin

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I don't think I will ever find a game as fun or engaging as FFXI was. At least nothing that comes from one of the big fancy studios. I still have hopes that somewhere out there a nice indie studio will put out an MMORPG that will be fun, challenging, and harbors a great community *crosses fingers for The Repopulation*.

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