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DC: Light | Open-World focused RP

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Figured the easiest would be to create a post here.
I'm on the EU datacanter Light and I'd hope to find a roleplaying community (or at least some friends) in a similar situation.


While there seems to be a lot of RP on Light (surprisingly) all I find seem to revolve around staying at a bar or some sort of club in a housing district all the time, and while I don't really have anything against tavernRP (used to do it quite a bit in GW2 and WoW) from time to time, coming from previously mentioned games where you roleplay out in the "open world" beeing in housing areas feels so "restricted". In a perfect world I'd love to be in a Mercenary like FC with the focus on exploring the world, but to anyone out there who'd like to go against what seems to be the norm in FFXIV and make use of Hydaelyn and be more "adventurous" please do drop me a message on discord: The Frozen Link#2341


I'm by no means a hard core RP'er, and I wouldn't say I'm very well versed in the game lore, not to mention I don't really have anything "ready" either, since there hasn't really been a need for it.

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