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LFRP and connections

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Hello all. I am looking to find someone or some people to have fun with in game. I have and do table top RP and in the past have RPed in games but it has been a while for that. My main thing is that I want to get back into RPing something that is based on a story that we make as we go along. I am open to most things but if you want romance you may have to be patient with me on that. If we, out characters, end up there I'd rather ease into it. Also, I would be doing that on my RP alt as my main is exclusive to my SO. If we are just making a story together with no romance other then a deep bond of friendship my main is all for that. 


A little about my characters now. 

T'ankyn is my main. As his name suggests he is primarily a tank. PLD to be specific. He was taken from his home by pirates when he was not but 3 and sold to a master that actually treated him well. By well I mean that he was training gladiators from a young age to compete in the games and win him the standing and clout that he thought rightfully his in Ul'dah. We can talk more  about his back story if we end up meeting.


My RP alt is A'rhemah Nunh (Remi for short), He is a summoner by trade and a wondering adventure by necessity. On his way to meet with his betrothed at the port in Limsa the ship she was on encountered a storm and all souls on board perished. Heart broken and lost he started a pilgrimage to the stones that he and is wife to be would have taken. On his way to one he stopped for the night and was taken by a vision. It was no storm like the official report said but a band of sahagin. The odd part of the vision was that they were not led by a sahagin but by a man. He was not able to discern any details that he could use to identify the man but he knew that he needed to find him and learn the truth. Remi has been wondering the world for the last 3 years looking for adventure and companionship. 


My current work schedule leave me only enough time late in the evening to play but toward the end of the week I am free. If you want to play I can be contacted in game on Goblin. I am sure that I am the only T'ankyn. 


18+ Minimum, 21+ Perfered


If you made it this far, thank you and I hope to see you around.

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