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Testing phase and the university

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Hello all!

This is just an outflow.


This testing phase happening only on weekends is killing my study schedule! :geek:


It's been a long time since I played a MMORPG (more than three years), and now I'm way too excited about this game. I have two tests scheduled for Monday, for which I haven't studied anything yet and a report to deliver in the same date, but I just can't concentrate enough to start reading the texts. Even more when my girlfriend is not around and I'm free to play for the whole weekend. Everytime I start reading, comes the thought that when this weekend is over, I'll only be able to play on the other weekend. :frustrated:


Anybody sharing the same suffer?

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I been having the opposite problem actually. I got invited in beta two weekends ago but I was busy moving to a new appartment so this weekend is the first I actually spent significant time in. ^^;


If it helps though, nothing you do in-game now will matter at launch, it's all gonna be wiped. I'd save the excitement for later. :P

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