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[Mateus] Changing characters to a Garlean nwn

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Hello there, I'm changing my main to a pureblood garlean. She's yet unnamed and basically has no backstory as of now. Yup, even the surname hasn't been decided and I'm willing to adopt someone else's.


What I've thought of are: I want her to be a military or ex-military with a garlean gunblade. A warvet. Centuria (quo) or higher.


May or may not have joined the following conflicts: The Invasion of Nagxia, The Invasion of Doma, The Invasion of Werlyt, The Invasion of Ala Mhigo, The Bozja Incident, Carteneau, everything that happened after 2.0 started.


(edit: She was at the invasion of Doma)


Mainly looking for connections with other garlean roleplayers (pureblood or not), anyone with a war drama-centered character will also work. Not open to ERP/romance.


Willing to play on whatever timeline.


Carrd (WIP): https://lucilla.carrd.co/



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