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[NA] [Crystal] [Eorzean Court RP Community] The community built in a different reality!

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Hello! I am glad you took the time to start reading!


The Eorzean Court is a up and coming community built around the idea of being in a different reality that has great lore changes! We strive to become a place where those who love FF lore but don’t like being restricted or have to come up with strange plot points to their character to just be what they want and RP with great freedom. The community hosts in game and discord hosted events and next week we will be doing in game recruitment as well as posting in other communities. Anyone who joins now will be given a kickstarter role and given some special privileges when it comes to character making! We are actively trying to fill the Noble roles of the community but we have several other opportunities for anyone to have jobs they will love! If you are interested please message me or comment and I’ll give you the discord! Hope to see you soon :) 

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