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EU/Light- Zodiark Rper looking for some more RP friends.

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Hello! Recently switched my main to Zodiark/light to play with close friends though unfortunately the RP scene isn't as prominent as crystal unless you go to a club and I want a more story driven RP!
Discord: Crow#4888
Message anytime for info!

I have multiple RP characters in Zodiark as alts as well so I you have choices on what you feel would suit your character as well!

Long term/short term Rp friend/partner

*Discord RP (Available majority of my time) or In-game RP if time is a bit of a block, I'm flexible we can talk it out.
*Plot/Slice-of-life/Casual/Adventure (Dark is also ok. Honestly I'm looking for anything.)

                -FYI if you're new to RP you're more than welcome to message, don't be scared I'm very understanding and open.


Character Injury: Yes

Character Death: No

Romance: Yes, but that would be something that would have to build overtime

ERP: (Same as above)

My main is a fancy male aura who's adept at magic and has underground connections/story/dealings, He's more built for other criminal based characters but if you feel you have something that would bounce well then Happy to do so! (Details can be given if interested)

Ishgard Knight-
Garlean Engineer-
Viera Mage-

Sprout Miqo'te Adventurer seeking fortune- (Might change race)
(Also happy to make a new character to bounce with yours. It's always fun to do something random)

Carrd to my main character

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