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[Crystal] Why not go on a venture with a loud and energetic Plainsfolk?

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Before you roll your eyes: nae, tis not crack RP! Also definitely not explicit RP, so you're safe.


For those who were intrigued by the title: hello! The name's Mars. There's this Plainsfolk Lalafell in my backpocket that wants to go on a venture, but their wife gave them a condition: they must bring at least one companion to the trip. Penny's their name and they've asked all their friends-- yes, all five of them-- but no one seems to be available for the journey. Tis rare for Penny to get permission from their wife, so they set forth to find some folk to fit the bill. Perhaps your character is up for the task?


🔹Interested but want to know more about Penny? Take a look here!

🔹In-game or Discord? I'm open to *both!

🔹One-shot or long-term RP? No problem!


I'm new to the Coalition so I'd like to start with light and casual RP. Building connections with other writers is important for me, so let's have fun while we write! Feel free to treat this as a super chill RP, but shenanigans like rolls and encounters can definitely be done to spice things up. Anything goes as long as it's fun, really.


Ready? Send me a message or leave a reply if you'd like to discuss more!




* - Given my time zone, some scheduling will have to be done if in-game RP is preferred.

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