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<Hades> Free Company Recruiting! [ Casual / RP ]

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『 ❝ Expand your horizons.

                        Go forth and seek discovery.

                                                                                                     Some of the civilizations in the reflections will surprise you. ❞』


Apothecary by day, tavern by night. What dark magic lies beyond the shade of the Quarters?




A quaint apothecary by day, a sultry amaourtine bar by night. Visit the quarters before sundown to supply all of your alchemic needs, crafted by recipes from the ancients themselves. If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of potions dark magic may supply, hades’ quarters is the perfect place to start. After sunset, travel downstairs to indulge in our handcrafted beverages and treats, inspired by members of the convocation of the fourteenth. The longue will also provide a place for respite, and occasionally live entertainment. Have you heard of what lies beyond the shade of the quarters? Rumor has it that the owner is a follower of zodiark, and she and her council members flirt with the dark arts. Should you ever find yourself curious, or perhaps need assistance with the removal of certain pests, be sure to step into one of our private offices.


Who Are We? 


We are a newer FC, founded July 21, 2021. We welcome new players, returners, veterans, crafters/gatherers, raiders, and roleplayers! Our hope is to create a safe space for all people, where everyone feels safe and supported.


What is our vision?


Our founder had struggled to find a place that felt like home after transferring data centers. While many people were friendly, she never really felt as close with members on her server as she wished. Thus, Hades was created. We hope to create a friendly and welcoming group of people from all walks of life. We are a judgement free zone, and want everyone to experience the feeling of having a FC that can feel like family. We hold monthly events such as screenshot contests, glamour contests, RP nights, and more! We are even working on opening our first RP venue. We are always looking for more ideas.


What Do We Offer? 


We offer 24/7 buffs, and can change the buffs to tailor the goals of our members! We offer a chest filled with meals, materials, and occasionally minions and glamour. We offer a place to relax and roleplay: our NEW FC Hall! Here we also have training dummies to practice your rotations, and a place to stable your chocobo. We offer a safe space to play, where we are always willing to help.


What Are We Looking For?


Active players that are 18+
Players who are interested in learning end-game content like savage raids
Players who are interested in roleplaying
Players who are friendly and open minded
Special bonus: players who are invested in Ascian lore



If you are interested in joining, submit an application or send Victoria De'liberte, Ji'e De'liberte, Nalwor Blackheart, Kiryu Akantor or Naia Lizeh a tell! We look forward to seeing you around Eorzea.






Or DM on discord : 𝙰𝚁𝚃𝙷𝙰𝙼𝙴#0067  

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